This page contains a mix of genres, all tied together by the fact they're not tied to anything! Scroll down for Urban Fantasy, Romance & Historical fiction books! 

What Lies Beneath the Mask (New Adult Romance) 

Three years ago, Annabelle escaped from the man that had been abusing and controlling her life from the age of seventeen. Now, Annabelle guards her heart fiercely, from everyone except her best friend, Hayley. 

As the assistant director of an amateur performance of the Phantom of the Opera, Annabelle needs everything to be perfect. When strange events and notes start to plague Annabelle's time at the theatre, the true extent of her ex-boyfriend’s obsession begins to make itself known. 

Then, there’s Jack; the charming leading man determined to break through the walls surrounding her heart - even if he doesn’t know why they’re there. 

Can she let herself trust him? Or will her past continue to haunt her? 

Cover Note: The cover on the left is the cover currently being used for the Kindle Version of What Lies Beneath the Mask. The cover on the right is the original cover (and one that I well and truly love, but apparently doesn't convey the right genre, hence the new left cover). The original cover will be staying for the paperback.

By Any Other Name: A Retelling of Romeo & Juliet (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal)

While the world was led to believe that the French Nobility finally fell alongside the last Imperial Empire in the Nineteenth Century; there was a second court that survived. This court was filled with the creatures that no one wanted to believe truly existed; vampires. 

Within the borders of Paris, there were two rival vampire clans; the Baronies of Montague and Capulet. For centuries, the two clans have been at war, using the various French Revolutions, and the wars since, as a cover for their own dark purposes. 

The fight between the two clans was so ancient, that neither the Montague heir, nor the Capulet daughter, had any idea about what it was over, and the two star-crossed lovers began their own doomed romance…

NB: While names and the setting have been changed, and vampires have been introduced, By Any Other Name is a faithful retelling of Romeo and Juliet. 

Rhodopis: An Egyptian Cinderella Story (Historical Fiction) 

Coming Late 2017