Touched by Shadow Caressed by Light 

An offering of thirteen tales from several of the best indie authors around. 

Enter a world where we play with light and shadow, good and evil and a little in between. A friend becomes a lover, a lover an enemy and sometimes dreams are realised. 

Included is the original Awakening short story that was my inspiration for Alventia, though it did get changed a lot in the writing process! 

The Newcomer is an anthology of science fiction short stories. All are based around the theme of a newcomer.

The Humra 

When Bounty Hunter Braillen takes a new job on the Humra, captained by a man who isn’t all that he seems. Braillen may just find more than she ever imagined among the space ship’s crew.

The Humra is going to be a short prequel to a space opera series that is in the works.

Christmas in Love: A Flash Fiction Anthology

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From an unexpected twist on a classic Christmas tale and a soldier returning home from war to a pair of girls waiting for an unlikely Christmas wish to come true and a creepy evening in a museum, fill your briefest moments with this collection of 18 flash fiction stories.
Commuting to work? Grabbing a quick coffee? Each story tells a complete tale in but a few short minutes with the added promise of a lifelong introduction to new indie writers.
You never know, you might just find your next favorite author.
Christmas in Love, the third anthology in the Flash Flood series, is a hand-picked selection of master works in romance, science fiction and fantasy themed for Christmas and guaranteed to keep you engaged.

My story in Christmas in Love, is called The Sugar Plum Fairy's Rescue, and was written for my Grandma, who loves fairies and wanted me to write "something happy" for a change!

*No Longer Available*
Amidst the Shadows
Amidst the Shadows is no longer available to buy. However you can read one of my short stories from the anthology, Betrayed, by signing up to my mailing list here!

My other short story from the anthology, The Journalist, is currently unavailable.