The Assassins Collective

The Assassins Collective is a multi-author Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series. Each story is completely standalone, and just $0.99 or Free! Click on the book covers to be taken to your favourite retailer!

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Hand of the Black City by Bryce O'Connor

Trystan Süll is a Hand of the Iron Will, an emissary of the Black City sent forth with violent intent. He knows nothing of life without discipline and pain, nothing of love or sympathy. He is a living tool, carved of flesh and bone to deal out judgment upon the enemies of his masters. There is no place in the world you can hide that he will not find you.

Especially when you're the stragglers of a broken army, traitors fleeing defeat, having earned themselves the cold wrath of the City.

Assassin Princess by Laura Greenwood

Herein lies the true origins legend of the Assassins Guild.

Felicia hates being seen as nothing more than a pretty ornament. Two years ago, she persuaded her best friend, and lover, Max to train her so she could protect herself and her family. 

But what's a Princess to do when she's threatened? And can their relationship survive it?

The Fisher King Assassins by Gary S Pritchett

At the dawn of our time cycle, following closely after Earth had become repopulated after a great flood, seven immortal god men assassins appeared. War caused these demigods to become scattered throughout the planet. These shape-shifting enforcers grew tired of walking among uneducated humans, and soon began teaching men the ways of gods and magic. The seven were tasked with maintaining vigilance over earthly interactions, including those impacting dimensions of time and space. They decided to teach between beheadings, and in short order this instruction evolved into vigilantism.

Each assumed control of terrestrial locations, and they continue to oversee every dimensional fracture within their chosen realm. Humans in rebuilding civilizations who listened patiently to the teachers were allowed to live out their days in the region of their birth. Those people were few. The majority sought out darkness, which answered, and caused ripples to radiate throughout each new society. These ripples spread out like rings of water on a still pond when a pebble has been tossed. Each generation carries forth the resulting fluctuations caused by previous generations, and those that ask for help are eventually assisted and washed free of blame. These people are also few. 

The frustrated immortal teachers slowly became more like the flock than the shepherd—then learned to be as wolves among the sheep—and ultimately became assassins feeding on their charges like hungry lions.

These assassins became known as The Fisher Kings.

Cycle of Blades by Blake Arthur Peel

Jasper Aurelio is the Blade of Valæcia, the most feared assassin in the city. After successfully completing the most profitable assassination of his career, he is confronted with an impossible task: preventing the murder from ever happening at all. With his twin blades Vehemence and Vitriol, he must face his greatest enemy... himself.

Razed Violent by E.P. Wyck

The daughter of two of the most promenant people in society, Kali, must find solace or vengence after her father’s murder. This short story takes place prior to the events of The Black Star Chronicles: Escape Velocity.