Paranormal Council

The Paranormal Council series, is a series of standalone Paranormal Romance books!

The Dryad's Pawprint available in In the Shadows

Please note that as of the 27th March, The Dryad's Pawprint, will be available in ebook form within the box set, In the Shadows
He'll give up his happiness to help his people - but can he give up his soulmate?
When Kem is called before the Shifter Council, he's told he needs to marry to secure an alliance for them. There's only one problem; a year ago he met a woman he can't forget. 
After meeting a mystery man a year ago, Lia has a secret. One that she can't even tell her sister, Aella. When fate brings the two of the back together, even the most carefully laid plans get disrupted. 

The Dryad's Pawprint (available in the In The Shadows Box Set!)
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The Vixen's Bark 

All she wants is to make a difference. All he wants, is her.

The last thing Arabella wants is to accept that Bjorn is her mate. Not that she doesn't like him, quite the opposite, but because it would mean giving up her position on the Shifter Council.

Bjorn will do anything to make Ari his, even if it means finding a way around the rules. Because if there's one thing he wants, it's for her to be happy.

The Vixen's Bark
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The Necromancer's Prey

He's investigating her people - so why can't she resist him?

Rory's been an outcast her whole life, never feeling like she fit in with the other necromancers. With the Shifter Council investigating a rogue, her loyalties are torn between the people she doesn't belong to, and the shifter she can't seem to stop thinking about. 

When Alden saves Rory one night, the attraction between them becomes too difficult to ignore, and he finally starts to accept that she could be his mate. 

The Necromancer's Prey
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The Vampire's Bite

What if the only way to save him was to turn him into a monster?

Tony never asked to be a vampire. He didn't even know they existed until he interrupted the wrong man. 

Eden has always avoided turning anyone, but there was something about Tony that made her do it. But now, she has to face the consequences of her actions that night. And adding a new vampire into the mix, doesn't make that any easier. 

The Vampire's Bite
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Future Books: (All possible to be read as a standalone!) 
5. The Lion's Crown
6. The Witch's Stripes
7. The Dragon's Charm
8. The Wolf's Flight
9. The Frost's Claws
10. The Storm's Kiss

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