Ashryn Barker Trilogy (Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem)

Shattered Illusions Broken Illusions

Fated Seasons: Winter (Paranormal Reverse Harem)

Saving Eira

Fated Seasons: Spring (Paranormal Reverse Harem)

Chasing Aledwen - Fated Seasons: Spring

Seven Wardens, co-written with Skye MacKinnon (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem)


Twin Souls Trilogy, co-written with Arizona Tape (Paranormal Romance)

Soulswap - Twin Souls Trilogy Soulshift - Twin Souls Trilogy Soultrade - Twin Souls

Dragon Soul, co-written with Arizona Tape (Mixed Paranormal)

Fifth Soul

Blessed (Paranormal Apocalyptic)

Fae Lost

The Paranormal Council (Paranormal Romance)

The Dryad's Pawprint - The Paranormal Council The Vixen's Bark - The Paranormal Council The Necromancer's Prey - The Paranormal Council The Vampire's Bite - The Paranormal Council The Witch's Stripes - The Paranormal Council

Thornheart Coven (Paranormal Romance)

Witch's Potion - Thornheart Coven Witch's Spark - Thornheart Coven

Paranormal Council Standalones (Paranormal Romance)

Catching His Ladybird Under Her Spell His Lost Bear

Beyond the Curse (Paranormal Fantasy Fairy Tales)

Awakening - Beyond the Curse Cloaked - Beyond the Curse Accursed - Beyond the Curse Betrayed - Beyond the Curse

Children of the Cursed (Paranormal Fantasy Fairy Tales)

Clipped - Children of the Cursed

ME (Contemporary Reverse Harem)

Sweet About Me

Rats (Steampunk Reverse Harem)

Ruler of Rats

Standalones (Various Genres)

HiddenReaper Assassin Princess