Alventia (Series)

Alventia is a fairy tale retelling with fantasy, paranormal and romance elements. The lead character in book 1, Keira, and her Prince are based on Sleeping Beauty, though other fairy tales, including Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, Cinderella, the Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood and Rumplestiltskin have all influenced aspects of the plot (even if how some of those fit in is currently only known to me!)

Book 1: Awakening

Take a journey to an alternate world where not everything is what it seems. 

In an effort to have a child, the Queen makes a deal with the Dark King, but she soon discovers that the deal has dire consequences for her beloved Sleeping Beauty. In an effort to help, the Queen’s mother alters the curse so that Keira will sleep for 100 years, but there is a catch; if Keira awakens before then she may still be doomed.

After sleeping for over 90 years, Keira is awoken by Philip, the son of the Dark King and the one she was intended for. Despite sharing his father's bloodline, Philip refuses to be like his father and won't make Keira do anything that she isn't ready for.

Supported by a powerful witch and her brother, Hansel and Gretel, Philip and Keira have to make a choice, one that will define Keira's destiny. Changing their lives forever.

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"Awakening is definitely unique, a little like Robert Coover's "Stepmother" meets Twilight meets E. L. James meets Schrek -- and this crazy combination is amazing" - Amazon Reviewer

"Laura is not afraid to break the bonds of this traditional story and push it to new limits..." - Aspiring Joy

"Author Laura Greenwood writes with an innocence that is reminiscent of children's stories but with a more grown up plot."  - Mommsez...

"This put the Grimm back into Fairytales, this is no Disney remake! This is a mash-up of Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretal and even a dash of Rumpelstiltskin in the shape of the Dark King who wants the first born." - Amazon Reviewer

"This book was easy-to-read and cute. The awakening part was quite steamy, and I enjoyed the characters. The combination of fairy tales characters such as Hansel and Gretel was a nice surprise and helped add substance to the story. The drinking scene with Keira, Phillip, Hansel and Gretel was wicked and exciting." - Amazon Reviewer

Book 0.5: "Betrayed" 

Betrayed was originally published in the Amidst the Shadows Anthology but is now available exclusively by signing up to my mailing list.

A retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. 
All Cienna and Henry want is a child and Cienna can only see one way of getting what she wants; a deal with the notorious Xavier. But every deal requires payment and sometimes the cost is too steep. 

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"Laura Greenwood has a way of taking a short story and making it feel as though you're reading a full length. Being an introduction to the Alventia series, and remembering that I read the first book in the series almost a year ago, Betrayed was perfect - a great starting point " - Alpha Book Club

Book 2: "Cloaked" 

Not every happy ever after goes to plan… 
100 years ago, Hansel and Gretel escaped from the witch’s hut with more power and riches than they could ever imagine. For years they lived a peaceful life, until Phillip and Keira showed up on their wedding day on the run from Phillip’s father. 
When young women from a nearby village start to go missing all evidence points to Red, an old enemy of Gretel’s, the four of them take it upon themselves to stop her.

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"It's sensual and absolutely empowering - two women who we're used to seeing relying on men, we now see as strong and kicking some strong butt! It was such a great turnover that I couldn't put it down and my only complaint was that cliffhanger telling me that I'll have to wait until the next instalment to find out what will happen to our four heroes. The Alventia series has become by far one of my favourite series and Cloaked, the spark that gave me back the excitement I once felt for fairy tales as a child ten folds." - Alpha Book Club

" In the Disney versions (which are a lot fluffier than the originals!), Sleeping Beauty doesn't really do anything, and Gretel has to rely on her brother for everything. In the Alventian versions, these two ladies are kick-ass!!! Definitely not afraid to take the lead and/or defend themselves, but also very happy being with a man too. They don't see anything wrong with a chivalrous male by their sides." - Archaeolibrarian